Boris Veytsman: Publications


1. Patent Method for provisioning coverage of automatic dependent surveillance broadcast equipped air plane of space-based service, involves scheduling each satellite that is in reduced power consumption mode to enter minimal power consumption mode. Patent Number(s): US2018270761-A1. Inventor(s): GARCIA M A, VEYTSMAN B, MINNIX J., September 2018 2. Patent Method for scheduling beams of antenna on board satellite for receiving automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B messages), involves scheduling selected beam pattern for beams of antenna for defined time period. Patent Number(s): US2018269958-A1 ; US10116379-B2. Inventor(s): GARCIA M A, VEYTSMAN B, September 2018 3. Patent Reduction of altitude error using forecasted atmospheric pressure data. Patent Number: US9766065-B2. Inventor(s) Michael A. Garcia, Robert Mueller, Eric Innis, Boris Veytsman , September 2017

Publications before 2017

1. P. Painter, B. Veytsman, and J. Youtcheff. Phase behavior of bituminous materials, Energy & Fuels, 29, 7048-7057, 2015.

2. L. R. Akhmadeeva, D. S. Valeeva, B. A. Veytsman, and E. N. Akhmadeeva. Headache in pediatric practice: Multifactor analysis of clinical and social predictors, Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research, 11(4), 548-551, 2015, (In Russian).

3. P. Painter, B. Veytsman, and J. Youtcheff. Guide to asphaltene solubility, Energy & Fuels, 29, 2951-2961, 2015.

4. P. Painter, B. Veytsman, and J. Youtcheff. Asphaltene aggregation and solubility, Energy & Fuels, 29, 2120-2133, 2015.

5. L. Akhmadeeva, G. Rayanova, and B. Veytsman. How physicians understand research ethics problems in Russia, in: N. Steneck, M. Anderson, S. Kleinert, and T. Mayer, eds., Integrity in the Global Research Arena, chap. 28, pp. 199-201, World Scientific, New Jersey; London; Singapore; Beijing; Shanghai; Hong Kong; Taipei; Chennai, 2015.

6. F. De Vito, B. Veytsman, P. Painter, and J. L. Kokini. Simulation of the effect of hydrogen bonds on water activity of glucose and dextran using the Veytsman model, Carbohydrate Polymers, 117, 236-246, 2015.

7. B. Veytsman and A. Baranova. High-throughput approaches to biomarker discovery and the challenges of subsequent validation, in: V. R. Preedy and V. B. Patel, eds., General Methods in Biomarker Research and their Applications, pp. 1-12, Springer Netherlands, 2015.

8. B. Veytsman, L. Wang, T. Cui, S. Bruskin, and A. Baranova. Distance-based classifiers as potential diagnostic and prediction tools for human diseases, BMC Genomics, 15, S10, 2014.

9. L. Akhmadeeva and B. Veytsman. Typography and readability: An experiment with post-stroke patients, TUGboat, 35(2), 195-197, 2014,

10. B. Veytsman. An output routine for an illustrated book: Making the FAO Statistical Yearbook, TUGboat, 35(2), 202-204, 2014,

11. M. A. Garcia, R. Mueller, E. Innis, and B. Veytsman, Reduction of altitude error using forecasted atmospheric pressure data, US Patent US 20140278182 A1; European Patent EP 2778604 A1, 2014,

12. P. Painter, B. Veytsman, and J. Youtcheff. Association model for the phase behavior of asphaltenes, Energy & Fuels, 28(4), 2472-2480, 2014.

13. B. Veytsman and L. Akhmadeeva. Plots in LATEX: Gnuplot, octave, make, TUGboat, 34(3), 349-356, 2013,

14. M. Cohen, Y. Haralambous, and B. Veytsman. The multibibliography package, TUGboat, 34(3), 340-343, 2013,

15. L. R. Akhmadeeva, B. A. Veytsman, E. M. Kharisova, D. P. Gurov, and M. R. Fatykhova. Using stabilometric data for prognosis of falls in the elderly in-patients of neurology ward, Ural'skij Meditsinskij Zhurnal (Urals Medical Journal), 1(106), 47-50, 2013, In Russian.

16. L. R. Akhmadeeva, E. N. Akhmadeeva, B. A. Veytsman, G. S. Rayanova, E. E. Lipatova, R. R. Munasypova, and D. S. Valeeva. Pain as an interdisciplinary problem from the period of infancy to old age, Prakticheskayaya Meditsina (Practical Medicine), 1(66), 72-76, 2013, In Russian.

17. M. Garcia, R. Mueller, E. Innis, and B. Veytsman. An enhanced altitude correction technique for improvement of WAM position accuracy, in: Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Conference (ICNS), 2012, pp. A4-1-A4-9, 2012,

18. B. Veytsman. Stubborn leaders and juggling boxes: A slightly unusual table of contents, TUGboat, 33(3), 316-318, 2012,

19. B. Veytsman. TEX and friends on a Pad, TUGboat, 33(2), 192-195, 2012,

20. B. Veytsman and L. Akhmadeeva. Towards evidence-based typography: First results, TUGboat, 33(2), 156-157, 2012,

21. L. Akhmadeeva, I. Tukhvatullin, and B. Veytsman. Do serifs help in comprehension of printed text? An experiment with Cyrillic readers, Vision Research, 65, 21-24, 2012. Link.

22. B. Veytsman and M. Ware. Ebooks and paper sizes: Output routines made easier, TUGboat, 32(3), 261-265, 2011,

23. B. Veytsman and L. Akhmadeeva. Towards evidence-based typography: Literature review and experiment design, TUGboat, 32(3), 285-288, 2011,

24. L. Akhmadeeva, B. Veytsman, L. Shamsiyarova, N. Akhmetova, and G. Rayanova. Postural balance and low back pain: A stabilometric study, in: W. Micheo, ed., 6th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Puerto Rico, 12-14 June 2011, pp. 121-122, Turin, 2011, Edizioni Minerva Medica.

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