Andrew Shabaev: Publications

Since 2011:

13. MA Becker, R Vaxenburg, G Nedelcu, PC Sercel, A Shabaev, MJ Mehl, JG. Michopoulos, SG Lambrakos, N Bernstein, JL Lyons, T. Stöferle, RF Mahrt, MV Kovalenko, DJ Norris, G Rainò, AL Efros. Bright triplet excitons in caesium lead halide perovskites. Nature 553 (7687), 189 (2018). 9 12. E. Oh, A. L. Huston, A. Shabaev, Al. Efros, M. Currie, K. Susumu, K. Bussmann, R. Goswami, F. K. Fatemi, I. L. Medintz, “Energy Transfer Sensitization of Luminescent Gold Nanoclusters: More than Just the Classical Förster Mechanism,” Scientific Reports 6, 35538 (2016).

1. Y. Yang, K. Wu, A. Shabaev, Al. L. Efros, T. Lian, M. C. Beard, “Direct Observation of Photoexcited Hole Localization in CdSe Nanorods,” ACS Energy Letters 1, 76 (2016).

10. A. Shabaev, M. J. Mehl, Al. L. Efros, “Energy band structure of CuInS2 and optical spectra of CuInS2 nanocrystals,” Physical Review B 92, 035431 (2015).

9. I. Robel, A. Shabaev, D. C. Lee, R. D. Schaller, J. M. Pietryga, S. A. Crooker, Al. L. Efros, V. I. Klimov, “Temperature and Magnetic-Field Dependence of Radiative Decay in Colloidal Germanium Quantum Dots,” Nano Letters 15, 2685 (2015).

8. R. Vaxenburg, A. Rodina, A. Shabaev, E. Lifshitz, Al. L. Efros, “Nonradiative Auger Recombination in Semiconductor Nanocrystals,” Nano Letters 15, 2092 (2015).

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6. A. Shabaev, Al. L. Efros, A. L. Efros, "Dark and Photo-Conductivity in Ordered Array of Nanocrystals," Nano Letters 13, 5454 (2013).

5. A. Shabaev, K. Hoang, D. A. Papaconstantopoulos, M. J. Mehl, N. Kioussis, "Tight-binding studies of bulk properties and hydrogen vacancies in KBH4," Computational Materials Science 79, 888 (2013).

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2. A. Shabaev, A. V. Rodina, Al. L. Efros, "Fine structure of the band-edge excitons and trions in CdSe/ CdS core/shell nanocrystals," Physical Review B 86, 205311 (2012)

1. S. G. Carter, S. E. Economou, A. Shabaev, A. S. Bracker, "Controlling the nuclear polarization in quantum dots using optical pulse shape with a modest bandwidth," Physical Review B 83, 115325 (2011).

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