Timothy Sauer: Publications

P. Ssentongo, AJB Muwanguzi, U Eden, T Sauer, G Bwanga, G Kateregga. Changes in Ugandan Climate Rainfall at the Village and Forest Level. Scientific Reports 8 (1), 3551 (2018).

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T. Sauer, Global convergence of max-type equations. Journal of Difference Equations and Applications 17, 1-8 (2011).

T. Sauer, Convergence of rank-type equations. Applied Mathematics and Computation 217, 4540-7 (2011).

Publications from 2006-2011

[9] T. Sauer, Observing periodically forced systems of difference equations. Journal of Difference Equations and Applications 16, 269-273 (2010).

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[1] D. Napoletani, C. Berenstein, T. Sauer, D. Struppa, D. Walnut, Delay coordinate embeddings as a data mining tool for denoising speech signals. Chaos 16, 043116 (2006).

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