Saleet Jafri: Publications

King J.R., Ullah A, Bak E, Jafri M.S., Kabbani N, Ionotropic and Metabotropic Mechanisms of Allosteric Modulation of α7 Nicotinic Receptor Intracellular Calcium. Mol. Pharmacol. 93(6), 601-611 (2018).

N. Afzal, W.J. Lederer, M.S. Jafri. Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore and Pore Openings, Biophysical Journal 112(3), 440a (2017).

S Limbu, BL Prosser, WJ Lederer, MS Jafri, The Interplay between Length-Dependent Calcium Affinity of Troponin and X-ROS Signaling on Myoplasmic Calcium Levels in Heart Biophysical Journal 112 (3), 95a (2017).

Publications since 2011, before joining the CSM

Stochastic simulation of cardiac ventricular myocyte calcium dynamics and waves. Tuan HT, Williams GS, Chikando AC, Sobie EA, Lederer WJ, Jafri MS. Proceedings of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 2011 Conference; 2011:4677-80. NIHMSID: NIHMS427923

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GPU-Enabled Spatiotemporal Model of Stochastic Cardiac Calcium Dynamics and Arrhythmias Jafri M. GPU Technology Conference 2012; 2012 May; San Jose, CA, USA.

In silico modeling and translation to the cardiac action potential Jafri M. New Insights into Arrhythmia Physiology and Therapeutic Goals Congress; 2012 June; Beatenberg, Switzerland.

Stimulated emission depletion live-cell super-resolution imaging shows proliferative remodeling of T-tubule membrane structures after myocardial infarction. Wagner E, Lauterbach MA, Kohl T, Westphal V, Williams GS, Steinbrecher JH, Streich JH, Korff B, Tuan HT, Hagen B, Luther S, Hasenfuss G, Parlitz U, Jafri MS, Hell SW, Lederer WJ, Lehnart SE. Circulation research. 2012; 111(4):402-14. NIHMSID: NIHMS638312

Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience Jafri M, Ullah A. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag; 2013. Calcium Waves.

The connection between inner membrane topology and mitochondrial function. Mannella CA, Lederer WJ, Jafri MS. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology. 2013; 62:51-7. NIHMSID: NIHMS638310

Mechanisms of Myofascial Pain. Jafri MS. International scholarly research notices. 2014; 2014. NIHMSID: NIHMS638318

Modeling mitochondrial function and its role in disease. Jafri MS, Kumar R. Progress in molecular biology and translational science. 2014; 123:103-25. NIHMSID: NIHMS638309

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Modeling Local X-ROS and Calcium Signaling in the Heart. Limbu S, Hoang-Trong TM, Prosser BL, Lederer WJ, Jafri MS. Biophysical journal. 2015; 109(10):2037-50.

The Phase Lag between Agonist-Induced Oscillatory Ca2+ and IP3 Signals Does Not Imply Causality (December 2015). Yang PC, Jafri MS. Calcium signaling (Santa Clara, Calif.). 2015; 2(1):1-10. NIHMSID: NIHMS783428

Ryanodine receptor cluster fragmentation and redistribution in persistent atrial fibrillation enhance calcium release. Macquaide N, Tuan HT, Hotta J, Sempels W, Lenaerts I, Holemans P, Hofkens J, Jafri MS, Willems R, Sipido KR. Cardiovascular research. 2015; 108(3):387-98.

Ryanodine receptor sensitivity governs the stability and synchrony of local calcium release during cardiac excitation-contraction coupling. Wescott AP, Jafri MS, Lederer WJ, Williams GS. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology. 2016; 92:82-92. NIHMSID: NIHMS759469

Modeling Na+-Ca2+ exchange in the heart: Allosteric activation, spatial localization, sparks and excitation-contraction coupling. Chu L, Greenstein JL, Winslow RL. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology. 2016; 99:174-187. NIHMSID: NIHMS817214

Ionotropic and Metabotropic Mechanisms of Allosteric Modulation of α7 Nicotinic Receptor Intracellular Calcium. King JR, Ullah A, Bak E, Jafri MS, Kabbani N. Molecular pharmacology. 2018; 93(6):601-611.


Method and system for utilizing Markov chains Monte Carlo simulations Jafri M, M. T. H. USA 13/005,433.

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