Igor Griva: Publications

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    Publications in 2010 (I joined the Center in 2010):

    : [4] N. Lebedev, I. Griva, G.S. Kedziora, A. Blom, J.M. Schnur, "The Effect of Water on Electron Transfer through Conductive Oligo(phenylene vinylene) Quinones", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114(51), 22710-22717, 2010.

    [3] I. Griva, J.M. Schnur, N. Lebedev, "The Role of Electrode Curvature in Controlling Electron Transfer between the Photosynthetic Reaction Center Protein and Gold Nanoelectrodes", Chemphyschem, 11(17), 3589-3591, 2010

    [2] N. Lebedev, I. Griva, S.A. Trammell, L.M. Tender, J.M. Schnur, "On the Role of Oxygen in the Formation of Electron Transmission Channels in Oligo(Phenylene Vinylene) Quinone Molecular Conductance", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114(28), 12341-12345, 2010.

    [1] S. Tsoi, I. Griva, S.A. Trammell, G.S. Kedziora, J.M. Schnur, N. Lebedev, "Observation of two discrete conductivity states in quinone-oligo(phenylene vinylene)", Nanotechnology 21(8), Article number 085704, 2010.

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