College of Science
Center for Simulation and Modeling
(formerly known as Computational Materials Science Center)

Doctoral students preparing their dissertations under the direction of Prof. Estela Blaisten-Barojas:

  • Yoseph Abere "Adaptive Tempering Molecular Dynamics of Polymeric Nanoparticles" (PhD student)
  • Gregory Helmick "HPC Algorithms of Monte Carlo Methods" (PhD student)
  • Scott Hopkins "Molecular Dynamics Exploration of High Molecular Weight Polymers in Implicit Solvent" (PhD student)

  • Doctoral students that graduated under Prof. Estela Blaisten-Barojas's direction at GMU:

  • Abdullah Al-Sunaidi: December 1999. "Computer Simulation of Aggregation and Gelation in Colloidal Mixtures." Presently an assistant professor at Department of Physics, KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

  • James Andrews: January 2021. "Modeling and Simulation of Polymeric Macromolecules," Presently employed at George Mason University.

  • Chang-Hong Chien : May 2000. "Dynamics and Electronic Structure of Neutral and Multiply Charged Metal Clusters". Presently a research faculty at Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Tapei, Taiwan.

  • Yafei Dai : May 2009 "Quantum and Classical Studies of Calcium and Zinc Clusters, and of Oligopyrroles." Associate professor at Physics Department, NanJing Normal University, China.

  • Xiao Dong : May 2006. "Quantum and Classical Simulation of Molecular Clusters." Associate Professor at Beijing Institue of Technology, China.

  • Clifford Hall: May 2013. "Accelerating the Adaptive Tempering Monte Carlo Method with CUDA Graphics Processing Units," Presently working in the private sector, Washington D. C.

  • Mohamed Lach-hab: May 1998. "Aggregation Processes in Colloids: Computer Simulations." Senior Software Engineer, College of Science, George Mason University until his unfortunate decease.

  • Yibing Li: July 1997."Molecular Dynamics and Electronic Structure of Metal Clusters." (deceased at age 42).

  • John Lyver : July 2010. "Thermal Conductivity at the Nanoscale: A Molecular Dynamics Study." Presently employed at NASA headquarters, Office of Security Assurance.

  • Richard Massaro: May 2011. "Photoluminescent Organic Molecules from the Perspective of Density Functional Theory." Presently employed The US Army ERDC-TEC-VA laboratory.

  • Jeff Mirick: May 2002. "A Study of Molecular Processes in Calcium Clusters, Sarin and Calcium Carbonate Clusters." Presently working in a development position at the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).

  • Anthony Patrick: December 2008. "Metallization of Carbon Clusters and Silicon Carbide Nanostructures." Presently working for the federal government.

  • Doug Reitz: December 2018. "Monte Carlo and Machine Learning Applications in Binary Alloys" . Presently working for the federal goverment.

  • Daniel Sponseller: December 2017. "Polymers in Solution: a Molecular Dynamics Study". Presently, owner and CEO of a progressive corporation.

  • Guan Ming Wang December 2002: "Development of many-body potentials based on the electronic structure of clusters and crystals." Presently working in the private sector, Washington D. C.

  • Master in Science students that graduated under Prof. Estela Blaisten-Barojas's direction at GMU:

  • Scott Evans: May 1994. Master in Physics

  • Jacob Walts: May 1997. Master in Physics

  • Carlos Cruz: May 1999. Master in Physics

  • Leulu Gebremedhin: December 2003. Master in Computational Science.

  • Alexandra Landsberg: May 2004. Master in Computational Science.

  • Scott Mitchell: August 2005. Master in Computational Science.